Shukha - شقحة


שם הלקוח:
חברת בני ג'ורג' שוקחה בע"מ

השירותים שקיבל הלקוח ממשרדינו:
- עיצוב אריזות
- עיצוב ובניית אתר אינטרנט (בבניה)


אודות חברת בני ג'ורג' שוקחה בע"מ

Shukha trade business in food products started in 1930, where the late George Hanna Shukha (family father) began the first trading step with a small grocery in the holy town of Nazareth and gradually raised to wholesale.
Today, a family oriented business with an emphasis on mutual understanding, Sons of George Shukha LTD is one of the leading companies in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories for Importing and distributing food products. The firm has a total of 65 employees and operates out of its 32,000 square meter warehouses and offices in Haifa & Nazareth, together with its branch in the city of Ramallah.
During the long term of experience, Shukha LTD have established a firm trade and finance relationship with its suppliers and so reached the stage to import and buy only selected products with the best standards and quality.
Shukha imports and markets a wide range of international brands including Sunwhite Rice from Ricegrowers Co-operative, La vache qui rit cheese from Fromageries Bel, Klim powder milk, Lesieur corn oil, Hollandia dry years from DSM Bakery Ingredients, La Cigala rice from Arrecerias Hebra, Leberty Corned Beef from Toupnot S.A., Indus Valley Basmati Rice from Hindustan Lever, fruit snacks and granola bars & deserts from General Mills Sales Inc. and Betty Crocker, in addition to an extensive list of food products imported by Shukha. The company markets these products throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories via its own distribution system and fleet of trucks. They can be found on the shelf in every supermarket and retail outlet.

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